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London baby! Last December we’ve been to London for a few days. We’ve never been to London before, and we can tell you we really loved it. Because Getvices is all about advices we share all our favourite hotspots in London.

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Hotspots in London

Wan Chai Corner

A while ago we’ve been to New York, which city has a Chinatown. Since London is also a big city, it is almost obvious that even London has a Chinatown. Perhaps a bit smaller than in New York, but no less fun! We felt like Dim Sum for lunch when we came across this restaurant which is located by the Eastern gates from Chinatown. From the outside it looks like a small restaurant, but make no mistake, because the restaurant has several floors. Plenty of space to eat delicious Dim Sum. And if not, wait with all the other people who also would like to eat at Wan Chai Corner. Wan Chai Corner is one of the best hotspots in London for Dim Sum.


dim sum restaurant

3 Gerrard St, London



It’s an English version of the classic French Bistro, which you can see at the interior. Balthazar is one of the most popular restaurants from NYC, so since april 2013 London has is own Balthazar Covent Garden. Also in London it’s very popular, especially for lunch. We went to Balthazar for lunch and had some hamburgers with a wine and a beer.

Balthazar serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea & dinner.


balthazar restaurant london

4-6 Russell Street, London, WC2B 5HZ


Chisou, japanese izakaya

We’re real sushilovers, so when we’re in a new town or city we need to eat sushi at least once. So when we searched for a sushi restaurant in London, we heard about Chisou. Chisou has two locations in London. We visited the location on Princes Street. The menu offers lots of choice on sushi and sashimi, so we went for a few sushirolls and some sashimi. The prices are not very cheap, so you’ll pay slightly more than usual. So, go to Chisou if you would like to eat good sushi in London and if you don’t mind to spend a little more money on sushi.


sushi london

4 Princes Street, Mayfair, London or 31 Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, London



With four restaurants in Milan Princi is a success formula. At Wardour Street in London you’ll find a piece of Italy named Princi. It’s a restaurant with a laid back atmosphere, because you can choose for sitting at a large table with other people or if you prefer to sti at your own talbe that’s also possible. Their famous for the pizza with a glass of prosseco on the side. We’ve had brunch at Princi and it was marvelous. Poached eggs & avocado with an Acaï smoothie or the eggs parmesan & porcini.


restaurant london princi

135 Wardour st., Soho, London


The Clachan

After a long walk through London, you probably want to relax in a nice British pub. That’s what we thought when we we’re in London. You will find The Clachan within a short stroll of Regent Street. It’s a cozy pub with the best beers and very good snacks. So, if you’re in The Clachan you should definitely try one of their beers. Once you’ve been to The Clachan, you probably will go there for a drink at the end of each day when you’re in London.


restaurant london

34 Kingly Street, London


Pizza Express

London has a lot of chain restaurants. Think of Burger & Lobster, The Breakfast Club, as well as Pizza Express. We were really in the mood for pizza and had heard good things about Pizza Express. We visited the location in Covent Garden, because of the cosy interior. Pizza Express has a wonderful menu because they have so much choice in pizza, they even have glutenfree pizza or pizza with less than 500 calories! The pizza on the picture is the American Hot pizza with a thin and crispy crust. It was delicous and we’ve had an enjoyable evening.


hotspots in London

Pizza Express has several locations in London. Take a look on their website for their menu and the locations.


Delicious hamburgers in the middle of Soho. Everywhere in Soho you’ll find burger restaurants, so maybe it’s hard to choose. But if you’re not in the mood for waiting in a line at Burger & Lobster, than you shouuld definitely go to Byron Hamburgers. Everything at Byron is easy, fingerlicking good and we ensure you’ll have a great time! Recommended: the Byron burger. Byron is definitely one of our most favourite hotspots in London, because it’s very easy going and the food is delicious.


hotspots in London

Byron Hamburgers has three locations, check their website for more information.


Shopping & Sightseeing

Besides very good restaurants, London also has a lot of good shopping areas. Make sure you visit the warehouses Harrods and Selfridges and the large shopping streets Oxford Street and Regent Street. And last but not least, you should do some sightseeing by walking past these places: 10 Downing Street, Westminster Abbey, Picadilly circus, London Eye and Buckingham Palace.


We hope our tips about the best hotspots in London will be useful!

Have you ever been to London? What are your favourite hotspots in London?


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