FOOD: Healthy Snacks + GIVEAWAY

At least one or two times a day you’ll be craving for a snack. Sometimes it’s hard to think of ‘healthy’ snacks, so we picked three of our favourite healthy snacks. In this article we’ll also GIVEAWAY one of these healthy snacks! Read more about this GIVEAWAY at the end of this article.

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Munchy Seeds

munchy seeds

This family run business originates from New Zeeland and these seeds are taking over our supermarket shelves! The delicious toasted seeds are thoroughly scrummy and crammed with natural goodies like protein, fibre, iron and zinc. Sprinkle them over breakfast or lunch, stir them in to a soup or casserole or just nibble away for a nutritious snack. High in fibre and a great source of protein they couldn’t make a better travel snack!


To find a stockiest near you visit:


Louola’s Superfood Quinola


Imagine a snack that provides long lasting energy, regulates blood sugar levels, slowly digests, and contains essential vitamin and minerals, as well as tasting delicious. Well, Louola’s Superfood Quinola is exactly this.  They are perfect for an on-the-go snack that you can throw in your bag and munch on the train. Quinola now even come with a fold away spoon!
Quinoa, a well-known superfood, which is full of goodness – now comes in a puffed nutritious granola. Each flavour is packed full of antioxidants, preventing premature sugar cravings, increasing energy levels, supporting the growth of luxurious hair and even aid your glowing complexion.

So not only is this little tub of Quinola bursting with health benefits and goodness, but perfect as an on-the-go snack when you are in need of a little pick me up!

Get yours now at, and to find out more about the product. If you are interested in stocking Louola’s please contact Louise directly at

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Ombar chocolate


Chocolate, a good travel snack? No!  But Ombar chocolate is different!

This raw dark chocolate is sourced only from the best Ecuadorain cocoa farms. Ombar has over 6 times more flavanols compared to most chocolate brands and only uses the healthiest ingredients such as unrefined coconut sugar and real fruits. Rich in antioxidants and healthy fats if you’re really craving that chocoaltely hit Ombar is the bar to reach for!

To find a stockiest near you visit:



Would you like to try the quinola from Louola’s? Well this is your lucky day! We already tried the quinola from Louola’s and we really loved it. You can use Louola’s quinoa for your breakfast, salad, smoothie and for a lot of other things! Like this delicious raw chocolate with quinola

What do you have to do?

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The giveaway will run until next Monday February 15.


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