ADVICE: How To Create a Routine

Do you want to create a new routine? Like getting up at 6am each morning to workout or have a good breakfast? Than you should read this advice for the two things you need to do to create a succesful routine in 21 days.

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I bet you’ve heard about Steve Jobs’ wardrobe—or lack thereof. Despite being one of the greatest creative minds, Steve didn’t mess with fashion. He knew what he was comfortable in and what looked halfway decent—eliminating ANY extra time and effort spent staring at a rack of multicolored ties. Blue jeans, black turtleneck, white New Balance sneakers. (Thankfully Apple brings a little more excitement into our lives…)

What Jobs had going for him was routine. He got up and didn’t spend a single ounce of brainpower deciding whether he would go with the blue tie, or the dark maroon. Routine allowed Jobs to focus on creating, brainstorming, problem solving, and managing one of the most ionic brands in human history.

Were not all Steve Jobs, though, and many of us like to dip our feet in the fashion world, so here two tips for developing more practical routines that we can ALL benefit from.

1. Write out a structure for the routine you want to develop

I can’t tell you how valuable my whiteboard and notebook has been in creating structure for my day, and keeping me on task. Being a recent college graduate, I don’t plan my mornings around an 8am class or homework anymore; instead, these first few hours are spent preparing for my day. I quit reaching for my phone on my bed stand just to scroll through Instagram or check my email. Now I drink my coffee, read my Bible, and proceed to read a few educational articles online (news, entrepreneur articles—anything goes!). HOWEVER, I actually wrote these actions down on my board so I can see them when I hear my alarm go off. From drinking my coffee, to the end of my reading time, I have it thoughtfully planned out.

You need to start a lasting routine by first creating a script.

2. The 21 Day Rule

There is a good chance you’ve heard that a habit will become a Habit (capitol ‘H’) once you’ve practiced it for 21 days straight. This is the hard part. The first week may be a breeze, but it is CRUCIAL that you continue following the script all 21 days to make a lasting habit. For example, I use gold stars (childhood habit LOL) on my calendar to mark days that I followed my script and see that I am one day closer to the 21-day mark. You’ll find that your brain will begin directing your actions on autopilot the closer you get—which is the point!

Building a routine, unfortunately, is often the result of subconscious constructs, and happens without any deliberate thought. The good news, though, is that we really CAN choose how we spend out mornings, when we workout or even our diets. It does take time and effort, but you will experience more awareness and productivity as a result.

What daily tasks are getting in the way of what you REALLY want to focus on? Got it? Ok, now construct a routine and put it on autopilot!
X Dawn Rae
This article is written by one of our new bloggers, Dawn Rae Myers, a San Diego based health and fitness blogger with a passion for sweating, cooking and motivating. After overcoming an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, she now promotes balance and self confidence that result from getting fit. To find workout plans, clean recipes, and fit tips, visit her site at

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