RECIPE: Overnight Oats

When it’s summer most people prefer a more refreshing breakfast instead of a breakfast like warm oatmeal. Reason why today we share the recipe for overnight oats with you. Overnight oats are very easy to prepare, and a benefit of overnight oats is that you’re saving time in the morning!

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40 gr oats
200 ml (unsweetened) almond milk (you can replace it with soy milk)
hand of raisins
1 banana
1 tbsp broken flax seeds



1. Prepare your overnight oats the night before. Mix the oats, flax seeds and almond milk in a bowl. If desired, add some raisins and banana already.
2. Put the bowl in the fridge for the night.
3. Take the bowl out of the fridge and add your toppings, like raisins and banana (cut into pieces) if you had not already done so.

Enjoy your overnight oats!


How do you like your oatmeal? Do you prefer a warm oatmeal or overnight oats?


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