TRAVEL: Where to go in Valencia? #1

Valencia is a popular destination for citytrips, because this city has a lot to offer. Not only it has a beach, but also a vibrant city. A few days ago we received an email with the question if we could write an article about things to do in Valencia. We really loved our trip to Valencia, so of course we would like to write an article about Valencia. Here it is – Where to go in Valencia, part 1.

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Restaurante Arribar

Restaurante Arribar offers a wide range of rice and fish dishes, including all kinds of paella. It’s located in the port of the American’s Cup (which is a yacht race which took place in Valencia a few times). Arribar is a trendy Spanish restaurant with a large terrace with sun and shade, and it has tables covered with white tablecloths. When we ate at Arribar, we ordered the delicious traditional “Paella Valenciana”, which was amazing. This restaurant is highly recommended because of the beautiful look out over the harbor and the delicious food.

Location: America’s Cup



Sagardi is known for the delicious pinchos on the long bar. Ask for a plate at the bar or take a seat at one of the high tables. Now you can choose the pinchos you would like to eat. You can eat as many pinchos as you would like. When you’re finished and you want to pay the bill, someone of the staff will count all the sticks from the pinchos you ate. At busy times (around 9 pm) waiters will also pass by with new pinchos. You can choose whether you want one or you’re going to pick some pinchos at the bar again. If you prefer to dine instead of eating pinchos, Sagardi also offers the option to dine on the first flour.

Location: Calle San Vicente Mártir, 6


Central Bar by Ricard Camarena

Located within Valencia’s Central Market, chef Ricard Camarena’s Central Bar delivers classic Spanish dishes infused with complex flavors. Of course everything Central Bar serves is market-fresh. The bar-in-market concept is really something you should have experienced when visiting Valencia. Go to Central Bar for a good and extensive lunch while you sit with the locals and in the meanwhile you will experience the atmosphere of the cozy market.

Tip: when you’re in the Central Market or in Spanish ‘Mercado Central’, buy all kinds of tapas, like a baguette, empanadas, prosciutto, olives and everything else you like and then eat it in the sun in Jardines de Turia.

Location: Plaza Ciudad de Brujas (in the Mercado Central)


Zummo Health Bar
Zummo Health Bar in Valencia is a nice place for breakfast or lunch. For healthy fast-food you’ve come to the right place. You can order delicious smoothies from a long list of juices and smoothies, compile your own salad or choose a nice toasted sandwich. Do you like to run in the morning? We suggest you go for a run through the Jardines de Turia and you finish your run near the Zummo Health Bar, so you can grab some (healthy) breakfast at Zummo!

Location: Carrer de la Pau, 10


Have you ever been to Valencia? If so, do you have other tips?


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