Outfit of the Day: Little White Dress

Everyone knows that the Little Black Dress is one of the essentials for your wardrobe. But did you know the Little White Dress is also a musthave? Doris Hobbs, blogger from Richinlovefashion.com, shows you how to wear a Little White Dress.

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The Little White Dress is an effective way to differentiate one among others, as many stay within a typical color palate of gemstone hues. Rarely do women visualize white as an investment, what many are missing is the versatility it possesses for all skin tones. A preferred fabric choice Doris recommends would be jacquard, as it applies to all weaves creating a lift, displaying a soft yet draping appearance.

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Doris wears a Maggy London Metallic White & Flare Dress, Vintage Chandelier Earrings, Corde Clutch, Lady Scott Tailored Blazer, Nude Patent Pumps by Brian Atwood.


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