TREND: Natural Makeup Look

This summer one of the biggest beauty statements is making no statement at all. Do you also want to create a flawless face that looks like you don’t wear any makeup at all? Here we give you a few tips for creating to natural “no-makeup” look.

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1. Start by cleaning and moisturizing your skin
Wash your face with some cleaning soap and a tonic. Lubricate day cream on your face and eye cream under your eyes.

2. Conceal any flaws
For dark circles under your eyes and red spots on your face, use the concealer/highlighter from Yves Saint Laurent, also known as the Touché Eclat. After using this concealer you will have a radiant, flawless skin. Highlight the places under your eyes and around your nose with this concealer for a fresh look. It’s important that you don’t use too much concealer, because that will accentuate the problem areas.

3. A little foundation
Because you’ve used a concealer, you will see color differences. After that, the trick is to use a little foundation. Add a few drops foundation on three fingertips and put the other fingertips against those and dab your fingers all over your face. Blend it with your fingertips.

4. Use (bronzing)powder if necessary
Use a little powder if your skin gets shiny. Only sweep some bronzing powder where the sun naturally hits your face: cheeks, forehead, nose and a little on your chin.

5. Use a blush
Use some blush on your cheekbones for a natural, subtle flush.

6. Add mascara on your lashes
For the natural look it’s essential that you’ll define your lashes. Apply two coats of mascara to the top lashes.


If you want to give your eyes a little more definition, lightly dot an eyepencil between the toplashes.


In this way you’re able to create a natural makeup look. This look is perfect for the summer, because in the summer it’s often more comfortable and beautiful to wear less makeup. What do you think about the natural makeup look? 



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