BEAUTY: Protect Your Skin During Winter

When the summer is over and the winter begins, we often forget to protect our skin. Your skin only needs protection to the sun in the summer, right? No, that’s not true! Unfortunately, winter conditions can be just as harmful to your skin as summer sun. Therefore it’s very important to keep protecting your skin during winter. In this article we share our winter skin care tips.

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Hi Beauties! Today I want to tell you about protecting your skin during the wintertime… I think that it’s clear for everyone of you that you have to protect your skin during the summer time. When you lay down on the beach, chilling with a cocktail and some friends… (sounds good right?!) At this moments like this it’s very important to protect your skin.

Ok, back to reality. It’s winter and it’s getting colder and colder. Also in the winter your skin needs protection. Your skin will need some extra care. Give your skin some little more attention, because its not easy for your skin outside in wintertime… Please, don’t forget the SPF (sun protection factor..), because also during the winter it’s really important to protect your skin. Read our tips to protect your skin during the cold winter days.


Use a SPF after you applied your daycream. There are a lot of nice products in the shop with a high SPF, also in winter time it’s important to use a SPF20 or higher.
Foundation with SPF

Use a powder or foundation with a SPF. My personal favorite is to make a combination. First a SPF cream and after this a powder with a SPF. This is also great when you do a touch-up during the day… Just a little bit powder on your skin and you are ready to go out for a lunch or a coffee.
Protect your hands

Use a SPF on your hands. We definitely need to protect our hands as well, because during the cold winter days they will be exposed to the sun and the cold rain and wind. Please take a little bit care of your hands. And of course it’s also important to take care of the skin of your hands to prevent them from looking all wrinkly and old. 😉
Take care of your lips

Take care of your lips! In the winter time your lips has a really hard job. From warm to cold, over and over again… To avoid getting dry and cracked lips, you should peel your lips with a toothbrush before bedtime and make sure that you apply a lovely product during the night. When you’re going out, just apply a nice (moisturizing) product on your lips and you’re lips will be happy with you!


Many women think that it’s only necessary to protect your skin with SPF during the summer time… But that’s wrong! Also in the winter it’s very important to protect your skin. When you’re going on a skitrip or it’s very cold outside but the sun is shining, use a little bit SPF… And your skin will be really happy with you. And, after a couple of years, you also will be very happy with your skin! Because the sun is the number one cause of skin aging.


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