Clutch Essentials

Most women have some essential things they always take with them in their bag. But what’s really handy and useful to have in your bag with you? Here are some clutch essentials.

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Keep Hydrated

It’s necessary to drink enough water during the day, because you need to keep hydrating your body. If you have a busy day or schedule, it can be hard to drink enough. That’s why we always keep a small water bottle with us.

Write Down Your Ideas
You have a good idea, but you do not know just where you need to write it down. Do you recognize this? For that reason, we always have a small notebook in our bag. Also helpful to write down your to do-lists.

Unfortunately, your mascara doesn’t last all day. If you want to touch up your makeup, it is useful to have a (mini) mascara with you. Use the Lancome Hypnose Mascara.

Always Smell Good
When you purchase a new perfume, ask for a sample of the perfume. Now you can take the sample with you in your bag, so you can always spray some new perfume to smell nice (again)! If you have perfume sample, it’s also handy to have a mini deodorant in your bag. Smell fresh & fruity every moment of the day! 😉

Your lips are constantly exposed to weather conditions like the cold weather and the sun, so they must be properly cared. Therefore, always take a lip balm with you in your clutch. Buy the Casual Lip Color for Lip & Cheek from Mac Cosmetics, which you can use as a blush for your cheeks and a balm for your lips.

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Change of Hairstyle
At the end of the day, if you want to change your hairstyle or want to give your hair an extra lift, it can be very helpful to have a hair clip or some bobby pins.

You never know, but they might come handy. Always put some mints and/or chewing gum in your clutch.


What are your clutch essentials? Do you also have some mini makeup for in your bag?


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