ADVICE: Wearing Makeup To The Gym

Nowadays it seems to be that everyone is eating healthy and hangs more in the gym than at home on the couch. That’s a very good development, but for most women it kind of has a downside. Because when you’re in the gym before work and/or after work, what should you do with your makeup? We received the following question from Jessie from the Netherlands: “Is it bad for my skin if I am going to exercise with my makeup still on?” In order to give Jessie an advice, we have consulted a makeup stylist and a skin specialist.

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Wearing makeup to the gym

When you have the discipline to workout at home, you’re a lucky bastard! Because than you don’t have to think about wearing makeup or not. Unless you want to look good for your roomie, boyfriend and/or pets of course…

But when you don’t have the luxury and/or discipline to exercise at home, you’re probably going to the gym or going for a run outside. In that case, you need to consider whether you want to wear makeup. When you workout before you are going to your work, it’s not so difficult. If you are comfortable with it, go to the gym without makeup and apply your makeup when you finished your workout (and you took a shower). Of course it is also possible that you do not feel comfortable with this and you prefer to wear some makeup to the gym.

It’s totally understandable if you want to wear some makeup to the gym. After all, you never know who you’ll (accidentally) bump into 😉 So, if you really want to wear some makeup to the gym, keep it simple.

It’s a good idea to apply some hydrating cream, because you’re about to sweat a lot. Make sure you use oil-free products so that your skin can breathe. Oil-based products tend to trap the sweat under your makeup, which eventually can cause imperfections in your skin. Instead of using foundation, try a little bit of BB cream. It’s less oily than the most foundations. Add a natural-looking lipgloss or lipbalm and finish your sports makeup with waterproof mascara. Now your makeup is ready to hit the gym 😉


Removing your makeup

But what to do when you exercise after your work? Is it really necessary to remove your makeup before you’re going to sweat in the gym? Well, like we’ve said before, if you are planning on going to the gym after work, apply your makeup in advance with oil-free products.

Another option is that you remove your makeup before you’re going to exercise. Since your pores open up while sweating, you don’t want to block your skin’s ability to breathe by wearing heavy makeup. Of course this is the best thing you can do, because than your skin will be able to breathe.


How do you think about wearing makeup to the gym? Do you wear makeup when you’re going to the gym? Leave a comment below!


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