ADVICE: How to create voluminous hair?

Everyone wants big hair with volume, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with thick voluminous hair. Therefore, we will advise you today about how to create voluminous hair.

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What do you need:

– (tail)comb
– hairspray
– volume powder
– optional: curlset and/or blowdryer

There are different ways to create volume, so today we’ll explain two ways of creating voluminous hair.



If you want you can first blow dry your hair. This is not necessary. When you just washed your hair, we recommend to first blow dry your hair, because your hair needs to be completely dry before using the (hot) curlset.

1. Partition your hair in four sections. Using a tailcomb works well for this step. Divide the sections so that you have a section over each ear, a section from your crown (your ‘bangs’) and a section from your crown to your neck.
2. Take a section of your hair, spray with a little hairspray and roll your hair into the hair roller. Continue rolling the other sections of your hair. Don’t forget to use hairspray before you use a hair roller.
3. Leave the rollers in your hair until they are completely cool. Remove the rollers very slowly. Spray with hairspray to ensure long-lasting curls.
4. If you want more volume, bend your over and let your hair hang down. Spray with hairspray and run gently with your fingers through your curls. This will give you more voluminous hair.
5. Optional, if you want your hair to be ‘bigger’ and more voluminous, backcomb your the sections of your hair and use some hairspray and/or volume powder.



Beautiful and voluminous hair doesn’t have to cost anything. No matter what your hair type is, you can learn how to create volume in your hair by backcombing your tresses to give you the extra volume you’ve always wanted. Backcombing the underside of your hair and smoothing down the top results in hair with volume. Below we’ll learn you how to add volume to your hair in a few steps.

1. Mostly you’ll be advised to wash your hair with voluminizing shampoo. If you really want to have voluminous hair, and if you want to wear your hair up, it’s often better to create volume the day after you washed your hair.
2. After washing your hair, put some voluminizing mousse in your hair. Start at the roots and spread it to the ends of your hair. Turn your head upside down, and blow it dry.
3. Divide your hair in sections, spray with hairspray, and start backcombing. Start with the section hair on top of your head, right above the forehead. After backcombing, your hair will look wild. That’s normal. Later you will smooth out the top layer.
4. Continue the backcombing until you have volume in all the areas you want.
5. Use a comb to smooth out the top layer. After that, the backcombing shouldn’t be visible. You only need to see the volume in your hair. Add some extra hairspray where necessary to hold the look.


How do you create volume in your hair?


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