Advice: Don’t wash your hair every day!

Most of the people wash their hair every day. That’s quite logical and understandable, because after a shower you feel fresh and fit. The question is: is it good for your hair? That’s a question that was posed to us a few days ago.

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After washing your hair it feels soft and smells nice. The only thing is that if you wash it every day, your hair will become very dry. By washing your hair you dispose your locks of hair of all its natural oils, making her will compensate oils. Result: it will quickly become awfully fat. That’s one of the reasons why it’s not always good to wash your hair more often.

Tip: when you do wash your hair, use a small drop of shampoo instead of a handful. Your hair will not become cleaner when you use more shampoo.


Have you dyed your hair?

Actually you should wash it as little as possible. This enables you to hold your color the longest without fading. When you do wash your dyed hair a lot, your beautiful colored hair will become ruddy in no time.

Tip: use shampoo that suits your hair.


Good hair day

Did you know that your hair will look so much better when it’s unwashed? You’ve probably noticed that you’ve had a bad hair day, but in the evening it appears to be that your hair looks amazing! Well, that’s because when you just washed your hair, the curls in your hair won’t stay, the clips won’t stay and your hairdo won’t sit. After a few days your hair is a bit rougher, so your hair often looks much better.

Tip: don’t use conditioner every time you wash your hair. And when you do use conditioner, only add some in the tips of your hair. Do not use conditioner if you want to put your hair up or curl your hair.


Fluffy hair

If you just washed your hair it often becomes fluffy or static. But after a day it is rougher and so your hair won’t be fluffy.

Tip: use a few drops of the Elixir Ultime of Kérastase to prevent fluffy hair.


Use dry shampoo

With dry shampoo, you don’t need to wash your hair every day. It allows you to postpone a wash even a day longer because it’s against oily hair roots.


How often do you wash your hair? Do you also notice that your hair looks better the day after you washed your hair? It’s really unfair, don’t you think?


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